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iQ-Analyzer 5 Distortion, Histogram, Shading Module

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After the introduction of live signal video support for cameras from digital cinema to webcams in January 2010, the new Version 5.0 now supports the analysis of all kinds of video files based on ffmpeg and VLC media player supported formats. Raw Data support for still image analysis based on dcraw, metadata handling based on the Exiftool by Phil Harvey and the automatic analysis of the multipurpose test chart TE42 has been added. iQ-Analyzer 5.0 can be started with and without a user interface. As a command line tool it can be integrated in third party software and a hot folder technology will be available soon to further automate the camera analysis.

• Support of various targets like TE174, TE183, TE 251, TE260
• Determination of TV distortion (EBU)
• SMIA distortion analysis
• LGD (lens geometric distortion) analysis according to CPIQ
• Representation in several graphs like grid, 2D contour, and quiver plot
• Polynomial fit as input for automatic compensation
• Lateral chromatic aberration as distances for cross or dot location in color channels (G-B, G-R)
• Indicator for longitudinal chromatic aberration
• Robust automatic detection of crosses or dots
• Semi automatic detection mode for highly distorted images

HISTOGRAM • Dead / defect pixel determination based on white, grey or black image
• Selectable tonal range for outliers
• Calculated tonal range based on sigma selection
• Linear and logarithmic histogram visualization
• Numeric results for outliers in pixels and clusters
• Pixel map for defect pixels
SHADING • Support of various targets like TE42, TE255 and all targets with uniform patches at several locations
• Support of OECF for linearization
• Graphical results in 3D, contour and linear plots
• Polynomial fit for compensation algorithms
• Results in f-stops, L* values, Y values
• Color shading analysis based on digital numbers G-B, G-R
• Color shading based on chroma C*a,b value according to CIE 15
• Color shading based on Delta E_ab according to CIE 15
• Visual noise evaluation (to visualize in camera shading compensation) according to ISO 15739
• Signal to noise evaluation in dB

System Requirements

Windows XP or Windows 7 in 32Bit or 64 Bit
(note: separate versions of iQ-Analyzer 32 Bit and 64 Bit)
The current version requires Snow Leopard (10.6) and intel Core 2 duo processors or newer because full 64 Bit support is required.
Note that the video analysis currently runs on windows based PCs only.

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